For years, humans have been destroying the planet, through wars, pollution, etc. The world is ending, but people are too caught up their own lives to realize it. .. except for you. Dravapure, lord of order, Dravageddon, lord of chaos, have been told to give humanity one last chance:YOU! A mysterious egg came from the sky one night on your 14th birthday. As humanity's last chance, make good or bad decisions to determine the fate of humanity on your journey to become the ULTIMATE DREXLE TRAINER. Complete challenges, makes friends, capture drexles, and choose the fate of the world as your own customizable character. (good=saved planet, bad=demise of planet) WHAT HATCHES FROM THE EGG, only you decide. CHOOSE FRIENDS WISELY!



After traveing through the 9 stages of each of the 3 levels of Mount Destiny, going to through lava falls, ta cliffs, and giant orbs of light, each bigger than the last, beating Dante, your father at the last and largest of the orbs, you meet the Light King who sends you to one final battle court. you look around; you feel something is off about this place as a figure approaches from the distance. Your heart is pounding as you realize that it is your brother, warrior of Dravageddon, your sworn enemy. The smile on his face makes you feel uneasy and as the ground trembles, your enemy has arrived. Something is pulsing with dark energy in your brother's hand, it starts to crack. Your brother recieved an egg too you soon realize. It hatches, releasing the Drexle Alphaenix; the Alpha phoenix. it starts to change shape and you notice that it forms into the symbol of chaos and becomes the chaos shield. Dravageddon becomes dark, like a shadow, and rushes into your brother. your brother is surrounded by the darkness, a smile on his face and a shield on his arm. A dark blade generates from his hand. The fear you experience is not hidden in any way and fulled expressed on your face, resulting in a small chuckle from your brother who utters the words, "looks like you chose wrong." You are ready to believe that this is your end, chaos has won, the world is lost, but you realize that no, you have come to far, gained too much, stand for more than just yourself and you feel a surge of courage flow in your bones. Something is glowing in your bag and as you take it out, you see that the egg you were given is cracking. The Drexle Dragemon; the Omega Drexle, hatches from the egg. It turns to you and becomes bright like the sun and transforms into the sword of order. Dravapure has arrived from seemingly nowhere and it looks at you and nodds its head in approval. It too becomes bright like the sun, but  brighter. it surrounds you, a feeling of bravery and pride rushes through your veins. a shield of light generates from your arm and the smug look on your brother's face has disappeared. His eyebrows furrow as he rushes towards you. You feel this is your destiny, but you know that you cannot kill him and you contemplate this as you also run forth at your brother. He raises his blade and- BUY THE GAME TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

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