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The disputes and quarrels between creatures that were known as Fuan (which meant in the humans' old tongue: "wretched monsters") and humans had always been present, but never a problem. Of course, that was until the rise of the Human king, Genesin, and his son, Adam. Adam was walking through the forest one day when he disappeared. A search party was sent to find him, but no results. A popular theory accepted was that the Fuan had taken him. An unruly thief who stole food to get by and would share what he stole with his younger brother, Able, had been stealing from the king's personal food storage and had gotten caught. Shaun, the older brother orphaned by the growing conflict between Fuan and humans, was brought before the king. Genesin had once been a kind king, but the absence of Adam had changed that. So now Shaun stood before the king awaiting his punishment. The king looked at Shaun and spoke but three words, "life in dungeon." But the king looked into Shaun's eyes and saw something. Genesin wasn't sure what it was, but it gave him hope. Genesin recognized Shaun's bravery and honor and offered him a deal. "If you can find my son and return him to me, alive of course, then you will be forgiven of your crimes. But if not you will rot in jail." The sound of a struggling kid being held in the arms of two soldiers came through the door. "I will hold your brother until my son is found. You can choose to wait until that happens in jail, or go and find him yourself, your choice." Shaun looked at his brother and back at the king, "Deal, but if my brother is harmed in any way, i swear you will know what it is like to experience true loss, of your own life," and with that, Shaun took his few things and left. Shaun searches for Adam in the feral lands and one day hears a voice in the forest, seeming to be shouting commands. A Fuan appears in front of Shaun with its body tense and ready to attack. "Stop," a voice commanded. Shaun looks around to find a young man with torn lines and a fine belt holding up torn pants and a sheath with a sword bearing the king's symbol on its hilt. "...Adam?" The man smiled, "In the flesh." Adam explained how he was not lost, but the rest of the world was lost and how he had found the truth; that Fuan and humans could coexist. Shaun tries to get Adam to return back to the kingdom so Able will be freed, but Adam explained," not until you learn." Adam showed how he and his Fuan fought together as one to achieve their goals and survive. Shaun was taught in the ways of Adam and one day, Shaun found his own Fuan. Shaun and his Fuan bond and Adam and Shaun test their skills in a friendly competition between Fuan. After a series of attacks and dodging, Shaun emerged victorious and become knighted by Adam as Shaun Drexle; the knight of truth. "You are now learned Sir Drexle, and i will return to save your brother." Adam and Shaun begin their long journey back to the kingdom but while Adam was gone, Genesin was preparing for war against the Fuan to return Adam, for he believed that the Fuan had taken Adam. Outraged by this accusation, the Fuan decide to go to war and settle the disputes between them and humans once and for all through the extermination of all humans. By the time the duo return to the kingdom, the war had already started, and Genesin had been killed. A new leader had emerged, Cadan, brother of Adam, decided to continue the war to avenge his father. Play as Shaun to end the war and prove that people and Fuan can exist together to make history and a new name for the Fuan: Drexles.