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New Content

FDS | 01/28/2014

Alright we updated the entire website. It's a little smoother. Under the Games tab you will find Stories. Story 2 is what our second game will be about.


Furio de Scorpio | 08/09/2013

Hey whats up

You guys should check out kabam.com.

Good games that are on there are Kingdoms of Camelot, Dragons of Atlantis, Castlot, Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age, and Wartune.


Furio de Scorpio | 08/05/2013

Check out these vids


Furio de Scorpia | 08/05/2013



Forum 0.2 | 08/01/2013


Re: Other

Quanto | 08/01/2013

so...just going to do a clean sweep of the posts every so often? anyways would much prefer a reply rather then just a quick delete without saying a word....

If youdont want us to post...what is the point of this section?

Re: Re: Other

Quanto | 08/01/2013

oh yeah I liked that new "blawg" post with the basis behind the storyline :p

Re: Re: Other

Np | 08/02/2013

I only deleted zerion's post. (sorry man/woman :P)

Re: Re: Re: Other

NP | 08/02/2013

oh, nvr mind

Re: Re: Re: Re: Other

Quanto | 08/02/2013

man/woman? cmon man tis be tak :p

Re: Re: Other

Furio de Scopio | 08/05/2013

stop being a cyberbully

Re: Re: Re: Other

Quanto | 08/06/2013

In what way did you find my comments to be even remotely belittling or harmful?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Other

Quanto | 08/06/2013

oh yeah...that post you are probably referring to was made after coming back here and finding all my previous posts were gone...hence the round of questions...


Forum 0.2 | 07/31/2013

video games etc.


Forum 0.2 | 07/31/2013



Forum 0.2 | 07/31/2013

anything drexles

Re: Drexies

Quanto | 08/01/2013

Ooooo do I see a hidden boss already? they were told to give humanity another chance...so just who told the...ahem I mean who could tell them to do something like that...and them actually listen :p

Re: Re: Drexies

NP | 08/02/2013

You'll c. ;}

Re: Re: Re: Drexies

Quanto | 08/02/2013

so...which progamming language are you going to be using? most common is html...or css...

course then again I doubt you have even done the basic "hello world" in any top end language...you might end up using a game builder instead...of which almost all the free ones produce games of disgusting quality...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Drexies

Quanto | 08/02/2013

Do me a favor...you know how to look at the source code for a web page? bring up the source code for https://www.monstermmorpg.com/gamepage.aspx

If you'll notice thats just the code for determining how the page looks plus a whole lot of links (buttons etc etc) , it is not the code for the game itself...just one little ol page...

I myself have tried to make a game before...I made a little pong type gamefrom scratch...and thought Iwas ready for the big time....700 lines of code later...I gave up

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Drexies

Quanto | 08/02/2013

tldr? short version : almost anytype of game takes a lot...of prep work...larning the language to use for it as just a starter


NP | 08/02/2013

how do i contact him?? hasnt been on in months?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Drexies

NP | 08/02/2013

0_0 SO MANY LINKS. I still want to though. duk how (mmorpg) for free?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Drexies

NP | 08/02/2013

i was thinking html. i need it to b free. mom wont let me pay for it. unless i have 100 commitments to play my game.

Link works

Zerion | 07/31/2013

it works not bad

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11/07/2013 16:53
Freshman, nuff said. Itll be hard to update this, but I'll try


08/01/2013 22:23
trying to make mmorpg ; all helpful info is greatly apreciated

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07/30/2013 17:42
Alright, 1. Drexlepedia     2. Forum     3. Music    ...

Website launched

07/30/2013 17:41
Our new website has been launched today.